What to Wear on a Long-Haul Flight and Look Stylish

Looking for what to wear on a long haul flight and look stylish? This article is for you.

If you have trouble finding what to wear on those long-haul flights without compromising on style, here’s a guide to help you through. We share some of the best outfit ideas, tricks, and tips on different designs you can wear for long-distance flights.

Ideal clothes for wearing when flying long distances should always keep you warm and super comfortable all through your journey. Besides, some of these outfits should have a few pieces you can wear once you get to our destination. In general, avoid dresses and skirts since you will feel cold. Plus, rompers are uncomfortable, especially when you want to use the plane’s washroom.

Depending on the trip you are going on, you can choose two outfits to wear on international or overnight flights. They are quite similar yet have some key differences.

The first outfit idea is for different trips like work travel, spring-fall, city weekend, and winter in Europe.

  • Black ankle boots
  • Black skinny jeans
  • An oversized sweater – It should be cozy enough as to double up as a blanket but trendy and chic for a night out.
  • Long camisole, which you can layer up underneath a polished long-sleeve neutral shirt

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The entire look can be associated with celebrity-on-the-go

The next outfit idea is ideal for beach, summer, and adventure travel. It consists of;

  • A long cardigan
  • Black cropped leggings
  • Long camisole which you can layer up underneath some loose-fitting t-shirt
  • You can go for sneakers depending on the trip or ballet since they are super comfortable

The entire look is athleisure at its best.

Stylish Basics on Long Flights

The perfect stylish outfits for a long-haul flight should entail three different pieces;

Long Camisole


The camisole should be long enough. Camisoles tend to creep up when you sit. The last thing anyone would want to give people a show while you are sleeping. Long camisoles are reasonably priced and usually come in a pack of four. It, therefore, means that you will have extra pairs to throw in the suitcase as well.

You can also wear the best camisole with built-in molded cup bra.

Two Tops

You can layer the two tops on the camisole. One top should fit loosely, while the second should be a long warm cozy jacket or sweater.

Versatile yet Comfortable Pants

When it comes to casual and adventure travel, wearing cropped leggings would be ideal, especially for long-distance flights. They are super comfortable, and when you reach your destination, it can double up as pajamas, loungewear, or even workout gear.

comfortable pants

For different kinds of travel on long flights, stretchy black skinny jeans would work perfectly well. They are versatile, comfortable, and stylish too.


I believe two pairs of shoes can serve you right during your entire trip. Avoid open-toed shoes for long-haul flights since they will freeze your feet. But if you choose to go for this kind of shoes, ensure you have socks to wear on the plane.

Wear Heavy Shoes and Clothing on The Plane

Generally, it’s highly recommended to wear some heavy clothes and shoes on the plane since it helps in packing light. Therefore, if you have two alternatives to wear, always go for the heaviest.

Layer Up Your Clothes

As earlier mentioned, perfect outfits for a long-haul flight should always have multiple clothing layers. Typically, long-distance and overnight trips can get cold, although some are usually warm as well. Since you can’t be sure of the temperatures you will be dealing with, I would suggest dressing up in layers. You can do three layers, a camisole, a t-shirt, and a jacket or sweater. If you have to do four, throw in a big scarf. However, ensure you are comfortable with what you choose to wear.

Essential Accessories you Shouldn’t Forget

Some accessories usually elevate the outfit. You, therefore, need to add them to your collection!

A cozy scarf

Scarfs are quite cheap and come in various colors. Even when you travel during summer, you can still carry along your scarf on international or overnight flights since they could be freezing. A scarf can double up as a pillow if you don’t need it to keep you warm. Besides, you can always roll it up and use it to support your lower back.

A scarf will be necessary even if you are wearing the best bra for low back dresses.

Compression socks

compression socks

I know this sounds a bit old school, but they help prevent DVT and the feet swelling during long-haul flights. They are, therefore, essential to carry along.

Perfect Materials to Wear on a Long-Haul Flight

The ideal fabric to wear on a long-haul flight should be breathable, stretchy, and shouldn’t wrinkle. They should also maintain their shape so that you don’t look like you were sleeping during the entire trip. Fabrics that fit this description are lycra, lightweight wool, or enough stretch fabric that won’t make your clothes baggy.

You should avoid cotton and linen when it comes to long-haul flights. The two materials tend to wrinkle during long flights.

Business Class Outfits for Long-Haul Flights

Some people often ask if the outfits they wear on the flying coach should be different from that of business class. It doesn’t matter is the answer. With the tips above, you will look stylish for long-haul flights.

Refreshing After a Long-Haul Trip

After hours in the air, you will need to refresh once you land. You should first make some pit stop at duty-free. Duty-Free is an ideal place to scoop a short burst of perfume and also slather some lotion.

The airport lighting and bathroom. The airport bathroom is known to have horrible lighting. So, you shouldn’t panic when you look at yourself in the mirror. It’s usually not you but the bright fluorescent bulb overhead.

Next, you should unwind that plane hairstyle, flip your head upside down and dry shampoo or use that texturizing spray. After this, you can grab the Colgate wisp and give your teeth a once-over. They are ideal for long-haul flights since you won’t need water to use them, and they work perfectly well.

Lastly, if you have time, you can add some touch of color. It helps you look more refreshed in a minute.

Preparing for Jet Lag

Plan Ahead

Severe jet lag symptoms differ depending on the schedule of your flight. To avoid any jet lag, if it’s even possible, try choosing flights that arrive early evening or late afternoon. It’s quite challenging to recover from flights that arrive very early in the morning.

Adjust Your Watch Immediately

someone adjusting their watch

Always adjust the time on your watch to indicate that of your destination immediately, you settle on the plane. You can use that time to guide you on what to do, like sleep, eat, or even watch a movie. For instance, if your destination shows 2 a.m., it, therefore, shows that it’s not an appropriate time to have a huge meal.

Place and Time for Caffeine

It might be too obvious, but you should use caffeine strategically. An accurate guide dictates that you should always skip caffeine before and also during your flight and take it once you reach your destination.

Using caffeine before taking a flight, can prevent you from catching sleep while on the plane. However, it can get you through your first day if you have more than five hours right before bedtime.


someone drinking water

You will be told to avoid alcohol before flying since it will dehydrate you. But having a glass of wine is the only thing that can make a long-haul flight a bit tolerable. However, you will need to drink a lot of water to counteract it. Ensure you carry with you a bottle of water since the in-flight beverage won’t be enough. Taking lots of water both during and before your flight will speed up your recovery. You should also stick to eating vegetables and proteins as opposed to candy and pasta since you will be less lethargic.


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